From traders to developers, everyone at your firm has a role to play in executing strategies. Rival gives them the advanced, easy-to-use tools they need to succeed.


Rival empowers traders with:

  • Ultra-low latency Auto-Quoter and Electronic Eye
  • Easy-to-use and highly customizable front end
  • Underlying price calculations based on the market micro-structure
  • Out-of-the-box advanced execution logic to ensure you always trade for positive edge
  • Multi-level safety features to prevent manual errors and trades that violate risk limits
  • Latency reports to gain insight into the actual performance of the system

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“The Rival Trader platform is very user friendly and easy to get comfortable with. It gives us everything we need in one application – risk management, order execution, streaming quotes, and implied volatility, paired with second to none customer support.”

- Dirk Laborne, Index Options Trader, Ronin Capital

risk management

Monitor the performance of your business with:

  • Real-time and scenario risk views to monitor risk and PNL across products and trading groups
  • Advanced reports to simulate your risk post expiration
  • Risk filters, based on underlying symbol, industry, trading group or loss limits
  • Clearing firm drop copies of trades executed outside of Rival
  • Centralized kill switch and pre-trade risk limits, based on contract size and notional value

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“Rival Risk enables me to accurately cover multiple asset classes and positions simultaneously. It seamlessly toggles between live mark to market P&L to risk slides and Greeks with astounding speed and remarkable precision.”

- Jon Galin, Head Risk Manager, Ronin Capital

technology services

Let us handle your technology requirements with:

  • Hardware purchasing, setup and configuration
  • Hosting services, provided at reduced cost
  • Convenient onsite training and 24/6 customer support
  • Custom strategy development
  • Architecture and code reviews
  • Remote monitoring and support

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“Rival’s on-boarding process provided us with the training and systems knowledge that would have taken months to acquire on our own. The support team does whatever it takes to ensure that our trading strategy is in action and to keep our business running.”

- John Favia, Opportunistic Trading

Low Latency

Leverage the power of the platform to build your own automated strategy with:

  • C++ development library, with extensive documentation and sample strategies
  • In-process market data feed handler and execution gateway
  • Normalized data format for fast deployment of your strategy across multiple exchanges
  • Centralized trade and position server to easily share trades and positions across strategies
  • Automatic integration with Rival Trader
  • Integrated pre-trade risk limits
  • Pin and spin threads on specific cores to achieve the optimal performance

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“The Rival API allowed me to quickly get my automated trading strategy up and running with the performance to compete in the most latency sensitive markets.”

- Roger Ding, Algorithmic Trader

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