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Through an HTML5 interface and secure login to our enterprise risk management solution, clients can analyze firm performance, view current margin and net liquidation values, and monitor orders and trades across all accounts from a desktop or mobile device. Along with real-time email alerts based on user-defined triggers and automated reports generated throughout the day.

Smart Simulations

Our enterprise risk management platform allows clients to analyze market risk from every angle. Calculate VaR across all accounts in seconds using Monte Carlo simulations or generate risk slides with user-defined price and volatility scenarios for each product category. Manually enter potential trades to quickly see the impact on risk.

Accuracy in any Market

Our proprietary options pricing algorithms automatically calculate volatility, theoretical prices, and greeks even when the market is wide or there is no market. We also automatically calculate synthetic future prices to ensure accuracy and consistency in illiquid markets.

What We Offer How You Can Use It
Multi-asset platform with support for futures, options, and equities Standardize on one platform for all of your risk management needs.
Centralized trade and position server with drop copies from clearing firm, exchanges, and brokers View real-time and scenario risk across your entire firm regardless of what front end your traders are using.
Real-time order and trade books View orders and trades across your entire firm or filter by account, underlying, or individual instrument.
Historical PNL and trading volume charts Select custom date ranges to see daily and cumulative PNL along with daily trade volume derivatives and underlying instruments.
Proprietary algorithms to calculate theoretical prices and greeks for options and synthetic prices for back month futures and swaps Automatically calculate accurate values in real-time even if the market is wide or there is no market.
User defined scenarios, VaR, and real-time margin Analyze your risk from multiple angles on-demand throughout the entire day.
HTML5 application accessible from any computer or mobile app Monitor the performance of your firm. Any time, anywhere.
Real-time alerts Receive email alerts if your preset conditions are triggered for any calculated value across all accounts or product categories.
Automated reporting Schedule slide, VaR, and PNL reports to be emailed to key personnel throughout the day or uploaded to an FTP site.
Permission-based logins for internal users or clients Allow individual account holders access to the system to leverage all of the functionality for their accounts.


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"It’s fair to say that we’ve been in this business a long time and we’ve used a lot of different platforms. The fact that we’re still using Rival after all these years is a pretty firm indication that we think it’s the best risk management platform on the market.”

Mark Cukier, Managing Partner

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