Top-of-the-Line Tech

Through partnerships with leading providers in the industry, we offer collocation hosting, global exchange connectivity, high-end hardware leasing, latency reporting, and market data vendor of record services. We also provide automated audit trail file generation and compliance reports.

Unparalleled Support

From the hardware setup to one-on-one training to system monitoring, our team of experts goes above and beyond to make sure clients have the resources and information they need to be successful.

Simplified Solutions

Our ecosystem of software, hardware, connectivity, and support allows clients to eliminate the technical complexities of today’s markets and get back to the art of trading.

What We Offer How You Can Use It
Global connectivity We offer a fully hosted solution in US and Europe so you can stop worrying about technology and focus on trading.
Hardware leasing and hosting Lease top-of-the-line servers with 10 GB Solarflare network cards collocated in the DC3, CH4, NY4, or FR2 data centers.
24/7 monitoring We actively monitor all of your trading processes and hardware to ensure you’re able to trade at all times.
24/7 Helpdesk Our team of experts goes above and beyond to train you on the software, troubleshoot and resolve any issues, deploy new features, and notify you of exchange-mandated changes.
Audit trail file management We’ll automatically generate your audit trail files and upload them to your network or clearing firm’s sftp site.
Compliance reports We’ll automatically generate reports to confirm you’re meeting quote obligations and minimum widths requirements.

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PARPLUS Partners

“Rival has offered us a top-quality front-end trading system from the start, while providing fast and efficient access to multiple options and futures markets.”

John Stanton, COO

Leverage our technical expertise with one-on-one support,
on-site training, hardware, and hosting.

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