Strategy Development

We keep developers on course by providing a C++ automated trading strategy development framework with everything needed to quickly go to market. Sample end-to-end trading strategies, in-depth documentation, OMS and EMS functionality, integrated front-end, and pre-trade risk checks and kill switch.

Scalable Success

With normalized market data and execution interfaces, multi-asset support, and direct connectivity to exchanges and executing brokers, clients can easily deploy their strategies across different exchanges and expand to futures, equities, or options.

Power & Control

With single digit microsecond latency, clients have the power to compete in any market. The ability to easily pin and spin threads, pre-allocate orders, or run straight through processing gives clients the control to optimize performance for each individual strategy.

What We Offer How You Can Use It
Normalized market data and execution Subscribe to market data and send orders the exact same way across all exchanges to build and scale your automated trading strategy.
Multi-Asset Support (Futures, Equities & Options) Leverage one API to build cross product strategies or expand into new markets / products as you grow your business.
Pre-trade risk checks and message rate limit with GUI and kill switch for Risk Managers Optimized pre-trade risk checks are automatically enabled with an HTML5 application available out of the box for Risk Managers and Clearing Firms to easily set limits or disable trading.
Automated latency reports Automatically receive daily Tick-To-Trade, Tick-To-Cancel, and Fill-To-Hedge latency reports for every single order.
Capture and replay market data Easily replay pcap files directly into your strategy to test performance under various market conditions.
Exchange simulator Run your strategy with historical or live market data and send orders to our exchange simulator to test your strategy before you go to market.
Position Management Fully integrated trade and position server will automatically calculate start-of-day positions, publish your current position with every trade, and automatically roll the position at the end of each trading session.
Integration with Rival Trader Automatically view orders, fills, positions, PNL, and risk for your strategy in our Rival Trader application. Enter or modify orders if you need to manually trade while your strategy is running.

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Gator Trading Partners, LLC

“With the help of the Rival support team, we have been able to implement custom solutions to very complicated trading issues across multiple asset classes and achieve excellent results in the process.”

Jason Feller, Trading Partner

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