Leverage the power of Rival One & Excel to take your analytics to the next level.

Easily subscribe to real-time market data, trades, positions, option volatilities, risk metrics, and calculate margin using the Rival One for Excel web add-in.

Key Features

  • View real-time market data for futures, equities, options, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Subscribe to positions, trades, option volatilities, theoretical prices, and risk metrics.
  • Calculate SPAN, SPAN2, IRC, and OCC margin for existing positions or custom trades.
  • Use the admin panel to easily subscribe to data without having to use complex formulas.
  • Leverage the custom Rival.Sub formula to pull data into specific cells.
  • Utilize Excel’s complete feature set for custom analysis and visualizations.
  • Cross-platform support with Desktop (PC + Mac) and Web versions of Excel, leveraging Excel’s latest JS API technology.
  • Secure login using dual-factor authentication.


  • Create custom dashboards to view your performance and risk across exchanges, product categories, symbols, and expiration.
  • Monitor the markets across futures, equities, options, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Capture and analyze your trading activity and performance, view entered vs executed price, average trade price, and other trade attributions.
  • Calculate margin for existing positions and analyze the impact of potential trades.
  • Calculate cross margin for eligible futures and equities.
  • Analyze how to optimize margin by easily calculating margin for like products on different exchanges.
  • See how different account types like Customer, Market Maker, and Broker Dealer affect margin.
  • Easily integrate Rival data into existing spreadsheets without having to replace custom formulas and charts.
  • Save historical snapshots of your trades, positions, risk metrics, and market data.
  • View your data from anywhere using the Web version of Excel.
  • Leverage new AI features in Excel to analyze your positions and risk metrics.
  • Use the Rival One for Excel add-in even if you’re not trading on the Rival One platform.

How it Works

Rival One for Excel uses Excel’s latest JS API and connects to the Rival One platform via the cloud using your Rival One credentials.

  1. Request access to Rival One for Excel. 
  2. Easily download the add-in from the Microsoft Appsource.
  3. Log in using provided credentials.
  4. From the Admin Panel, pick the data you’re interested in, hit subscribe, and the data will automatically populate and update within the spreadsheet.
  5. Use Excel formulas to reference the Rival data and create custom charts and data elements.
  6. Enter your desired symbol or data element into the Rival.Sub formula to pull data into a specific cell.
  7. From the Admin Panel, enter your margin parameters and hit calculate to view margin on your existing position.
  8. Enter custom trades to see how they will impact your current margin.
  9. Enter any custom position to analyze margin even if you’re not using Rival One to trade.

What We Offer How You Can Use It
Real-Time Market Data Easily subscribe to market data for futures, equities, options, and crypto using the custom Rival.Sub formula.
Real-Time Trades, Positions, Risk Metrics, and Implied Volatilities Use the Admin Panel to select the data elements you’re interested in and click subscribe to pull the data into Excel without having to use formulas.
SPAN, SPAN2, IRC, and OCC margin Use the margin calculator to see the margin of your positions on the Rival One platform, enter custom trades to see how they will impact margin, or enter any custom position to analyze margin even if you’re not trading using Rival One.
Margin Optimization Easily analyze potential margin savings if you moved positions in like products from one exchange to another or change account types.
Cross-Platform Support Pull data into the PC or Mac desktop version of Excel or Office 365.
Easy Migration Run the Rival One add-in within an existing spreadsheet and easily replace legacy RTD calls with Rival data.

Gain Access to Trade Data in Excel

Get started by requesting access and downloading Rival One for Excel from the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace.

Supported Brokers and Exchanges

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