Built for professional traders on an ultra-low latency engine, this fully hosted, cloud-based solution provides enhanced access to global markets and asset classes.

Trade Futures, Equities, Options, and Crypto in One Multi-Asset Trading Platform

Rival One offers active traders secure access to buy and sell Futures, Equities, Options, and Crypto across multiple exchanges and brokers from one powerful order management system.

Trade Spreads Across Asset Classes and Exchanges

Want to trade the spread between Bitcoin on Coinbase and E-mini S&P 500 futures on CME Group? Only Rival One gives you the ability to efficiently execute this cross-asset class and exchange spread trade, opening a new dimension of trading possibilities.

Advanced features include support for multi-legged spreads, optional order throttle limits, hedge tick offsets, and ladders displaying the synthetic spread book. Configure the system to work one leg of the spread and automatically hedge with the other legs or only trade one leg. You can even use our automatic reload feature to employ a market-making strategy.

Robust Options Functionality

Automatically fit volatilities to the market and calculate theoretical prices and greeks based on our proprietary fitting algorithm.

Need to quickly price up a custom strategy? No problem. Enjoy streamlined order workflows; easily price up a custom strategy, submit an RFQ to the exchange, view the market data, and launch an order all from the same window. Then, save your custom strategy to our Hot Watch component.

Easily view option theoretical and market prices, quickly launch orders and execute out-of-the-box algos including min-edge, vol, and contingent orders and auto-hedge as soon as your option order is filled.

Execution Speed

Looking for direct market access? DMA for futures and crypto markets are built into Rival One’s single subscription fee. Leverage the flexibility offered with Rival One to route orders to a shared gateway or a dedicated exchange connection based on latency requirements for optimal trade execution.

Normalized Market Data and Orders API

Want to build your own trading strategy? Leverage Rival One’s C++, C# or python APIs to easily subscribe to market data across exchanges, send orders and subscribe to trades. Automatically view your orders, trades positions and P&L in the Rival One front-end.

No Exchange Access or Transaction Fees

With Rival One, you pay one license fee to trade across all exchanges and brokers. Rival One supports 15 major exchanges and leading brokers to trade stocks, ETFs, futures and crypto.


What We Offer How You Can Use It
Multi-Asset Trading Connect directly to exchanges and brokers to trade futures, equities and crypto. Current destinations supported are Binance, BoltX, CFE, CME, Coinbase, Coinbase Derivatives, ICE, Interactive Brokers, Eurex, Lightspeed, Small Exchange, TMX and Velocity.
Cloud-based solution Download the application and securely connect to our platform from anywhere in the world. Firms can also set up cross-connects directly into our network to ensure the best performance.
Out-of-the-box algo orders Launch algo orders directly from the ladder. Current algos orders supported are Bracket, OCO, Eye on the Fly, Take Diminishing Size, and Trailing Stop.
Auto-Spreader Create spreads across asset classes and exchanges with the ability to apply throttle limits and hedge tick offsets.
Crypto trading Securely connect directly to crypto exchanges using your API key. View data across exchanges and easily send orders or run our auto-spreader across exchanges.
Hotwatch Monitor specific symbols across exchanges and quickly launch orders.
Pre-trade Risk Limits Setup pre-trade risk limits across accounts and asset classes with a kill switch to disabled trading and cancel working orders.
Customized latency profile Run on a shared gateway or dedicated gateway on a server co-located at the exchange for optimal performance.
Normalized market data feed Use our C# of python libraries to subscribe to real-time market data in your proprietary application. Data sources currently supported are Binance, CBOE, CFE, CME, Coinbase, Coinbase Derivatives, ICE, Eurex, Small Exchange, and TMX.
Normalized OMS Use our C# or python libraries to easily send order from your proprietary application. OMS includes pre-trade risk limits so all you have to worry about is sending the order. The OMS is also fully integrated with the Rival One front-end, so you can view and interact with your orders.

Supported Brokers and Exchanges

Un-Rivaled Technology, One Solution…

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“Rival was made and designed by traders for traders. That makes a huge difference for those of us who spent most of our careers on custom-built, proprietary systems.”

Rod Valeroso, Commodities Trader

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