Since our inception five years ago, we have been working with some of the best traders and risk managers in the industry to build enterprise solutions across a wide range of products and strategies. At Rival, we offer market data, multi-asset trading capabilities, enterprise risk management, and a smart API for strategy development. Each of our solutions can be leveraged on their own, integrated together, or integrated with other third-party vendors.

With an ecosystem that is constantly evolving, we created this easy-to-read diagram to showcase the functionality and connectivity of the comprehensive solutions available within our ecosystem.

Rival Ecosystem

Starting from the left, market data comes directly into our ecosystem from exchanges or various market data providers. Normalized feed handlers provide easy access to the data across exchanges with in-process feed handlers available for latency sensitive processes. Clients also have the ability to write out pcap files and replay the data at production or user-defined data rates.

Market data is processed by our multi-asset trading solution, which send orders and quotes directly to exchanges and executing brokers. Our multi-asset trading solution has the following capabilities:

  • Our OMS (order management system) and EMS (execution management system) allows you to manage orders and trades from one platform.
  • Avoid getting picked-off when buying and selling options with our mass quoting functionality.
  • Easily setup your quote and eye markets with dynamic edge formulas and advanced quoting logic.
  • Select from our library of options pricing models and volatility surfaces to accurately price and calculate the risk of any option.
  • See the theoretical value of options using our pricing sheets.
  • Manage volatility with a range of surfaces and fitting algorithms.
  • Automatically parse chat messages from brokers to show the theoretical prices and greeks
  • Leverage our out-of-the box algo design to dynamically work options and futures orders.

Post trade processing happens in our enterprise risk management solution. Start of day positions and real-time drop copies are automatically pulled in from clearing firms, executing brokers and exchanges. The seamless integration with clearing firms and brokers allows us streamline the client onboarding process and easily add new accounts. Our enterprise risk management solution has the following capabilities:

  • View accurate real-time PNL and risk metrics even if there is no market or the markets are wide.
  • Select custom date ranges to see historical daily and cumulative PNL along with daily trade volume derivatives and underlying instruments.
  • The ability to proactively monitor margin and net liquidation value across all accounts as the market and positions change throughout the day.
  • Receive email alerts if preset conditions are triggered for any calculated value across all accounts or product categories.
  • The ability to calculate VaR (value at risk) using Monte Carlo simulations for individual account or custom account aggregations.
  • Run user defined risk scenarios based on shocks in the underling price or vol.
  • Schedule slide, VaR, and PNL reports to be emailed to key personnel throughout the day or uploaded to an FTP site.

Having a comprehensive ecosystem that is constantly evolving allows us to empower firms to compete in today’s markets and get smarter with every trade. Learn more about how you can leverage the Rival ecosystem for all of your enterprise trading and risk management needs, contact us today.