Normalized Feed Handler

Our feed handler normalizes market data across exchanges, SIP feeds, and other market data providers to provide clients with one interface for all of their futures, equities, and options market data needs. With C# and C++ APIs for clients to easily integrate the data into their proprietary trading systems.

Efficiency to Handle Big Data

Our feed handler can process the entire OPRA feed on a single 16-core server, providing clients with a scalable software-based solution to reduce their hardware footprint and decrease latency without having to pay up for an FPGA solution.

Capture, Replay, Simulate

Clients can easily configure our feed handlers to write out packet capture files and replay the data at production or user-defined data rates. Clients can also inject their own data into the feed handler to simulate specific market events.

What We Offer How You Can Use It
Normalized market data feed Leverage our C# or C++ APIs to subscribe to a normalized feed for instrument definitions and market data.
In-process feed handler Leverage our C++ API to process raw market data directly in your own trading strategy to achieve the best possible performance.
Data capture and replay Easily configure our feed handler to capture data and replay pcap files in real-time or user defined message rates.
Global connectivity Leverage our fully hosted solutions in the US and Europe to access data for the CME, CBOE, CFE, Eurex, ICE, NFX exchanges and CTA, OPRA, and UTP market data feeds.
Scalability and performance Process the entire OPRA feed on a single 16 core server to easily handle increased data rates and reduce your hardware footprint.

“With Rival, we can provide tight quotes and confidently quote high delta options or spreads in fast market opportunities without worrying about getting picked off.”

Jordan Meisner, Principal Trader

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