Technology that Evolves with You

Our award-winning futures, options, and equities trading system is constantly evolving with new features and connectivity driven by a dynamic network of ideas from innovative traders. Supported by a team of experts available 24/7 to answer questions and help clients maximize the full potential of the system.

Speed that Empowers

We offer the ultra-low latency traders need to take advantage of market events and avoid getting picked off. Automated latency reports give unprecedented insights into the performance of the system.

Intelligent Automation

Our C++ trading engine can predict which way the market is going to move, dynamically adjust quotes or orders through custom algorithms, capture edge with our electronic eye, automatically hedge option trades, and work custom spreads across any set of instruments.

What We Offer How You Can Use It
Real Time Options Pricing & Risk Select from our library of option pricing models and volatility surfaces to accurately price and calculate the risk of any option.
Auto-Quoting & Electronic Eye Quote with confidence during fast markets and automatically trade with resting orders. Easily setup your quote and eye markets with dynamic edge formulas and advanced quoting logic.
Predictive Driving Price Underlying micro-price calculation predicts which way the market is going to move, allowing you to update quotes, avoid pickoffs and fire the electronic eye before other traders.
RFQ and Eye Spreads Rules Engine Predefine your edge levels and how you want to respond to RFQs and fire the Electronic Eye in the spread book to increase your trading activity and improve your market making rankings on the exchange.
Advanced Auto-Hedge Logic Lock in edge by creating custom hedging algorithms. Predefine which algo gets fired for each symbol and trade type (click, eye, quoter, algo, rfq).
Contingent Orders Capture edge in high delta options by working an order in the underlying tied to the option based on your edge level. Once the underlying order is filled the system will automatically trade the option.
Algo Design Easily create custom algorithms to dynamically work options and futures orders.
Multi-Broker Support Easily route orders from one front end to multiple brokers to get the best execution possible.
Latency Reports Tick-to-Trade, Tick-to-Cancel, and Fill-to-Hedge latency reports are automatically generated everyday to provide full transparency into the performance of the system.
Expert Support Team 24/7 support from a team of experts who understand options trading and risk. Automated global monitoring system to proactively address issues.

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“Rival was made and designed by traders for traders. That makes a huge difference for those of us who spent most of our careers on custom-built, proprietary systems.”

Rod Valeroso, Commodities Trader

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