Privacy Policy

The personal information you supply to Rival Systems LLC including each of its subsidiaries, (collectively referred to herein as “Rival” or the “Company”) when applying for a position will be utilized solely for recruiting and related employment purposes which may include but shall not be limited to examinations, selection, the act of making an offer, or retention within the Company’s applicant tracking database for future reference, etc.  Other than information deemed necessary in relation to the application and/or employment process, it is requested that all persons refrain from providing sensitive data, pursuant to your respective jurisdiction (e.g., personal information referring to such details as age, ethnic origin, disability, health, religion, sexual orientation, and any other similar sensitive or protected types of information, pursuant to all applicable jurisdictions wherever in the world such jurisdiction may be).

Any submission of personal information during the process of applying for a position with the Company shall:  (i) function as the individual’s consent to the processing and use of the provided personal information as described in this privacy statement; (ii) be delivered to the Company’s office located in Chicago, Illinois and may be further provided to any other office of the Company worldwide; and (iii) be an attestation that any and all information that is submitted is true and accurate and that the individual submitting such information has the right to provide the Company with any and all of the information submitted.

The Company will not disclose your personal information to any third party or use such information other than for the intended use associated with applying for a position with the Company.  Only the authorized representatives of the Company and authorized representatives of its affiliated entities will have access to the submitted information.

After submitting your personal information, if you would like to change, delete retrieve, or revise such information, you should contact the Company by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by writing to Rival Systems LLC, 350 N. Orleans St., Suite 2N, Chicago, Illinois  60654, Attn: Recruiting.

It is the Company’s policy to refuse any curriculum vitae or resume from a search firm that is unsolicited by the Company.

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