In this video, we’ll go over basic order entry in the Rival One application specifying the components from which orders may be entered and methods to enter and modify those orders.

Order Entry and Management from the Hot Watch Grid

      1. Opening a floating order ticket to Hit or Lift
        • Left click on the bid price to open a sell ticket, ask price to open a buy ticket
        • Amend price, quantity, and limit fields before clicking send to place an order in the market
        • Order displays in the order book and ladder
      2. Joining a Bid or Offer
        • Left click on the bid size or offer size from the Hot Watch Grid
        • Order fields will default
        • Toggle to adjust fields before submitting the order

Order Entry from the Ladder

  • Amend order quantity using the order quantity field or quantity buttons
  • Left click the bid size column to place a buy order, ask size column to place a sell order
  • Orders will be shown in the Order Book

Canceling Orders

  • Left click on the Ladder to cancel an order
  • Use Cancel Buys or Cancel Sells buttons to quickly cancel multiple orders
  • Use the Cancel All button at the bottom of the ladder to cancel all working orders

Filling a Working Order

  • Click on the offer for buy or sell to execute the order immediately
  • Executions are reflected in the Trade Book

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