In this video, we’ll introduce the rival one platform by building a simple workspace and adding several instruments to monitor. We’ll start this tour by adding a new window to an already existing workspace. The Rival One application allows users to add as many individual windows as desired in order to fully customize the workspace.

Customizing Your Workspace

  • Click the plus symbol in the top left corner of the screen to add a new window
  • Name your window and click the component panel from the upper left of the screen
  • Drag and drop components to your workspace, such as Hot Watch, Portfolio, Ladder, Trade Book, Order Book, Tickers, and Charts.Components will auto-size for efficiency.

Adding Instruments to Hot Watch, Ladder, Ticker, and Charts

  • Search for known exchange-listed symbols and add them directly to the component
  • Search for unknown exchange listed symbols by typing the name into the search query and adding to the desired component
  • Select from Futures, Equities, and Crypto

Customizing with Tabs

  • Add customized tabs to each component by clicking the plus symbol in each component
  • Add instrument-specific elements to your workspace using the main search window at the top left of the workspace
  • Select the instrument and component at the same time. Then drag and drop onto your canvas to create a new component or as a tab in an existing component.
  • Toggle between windows using the dropdown window at the top left of the workspace

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