CHICAGO (October 29, 2019)Rival Systems (Rival), an award-winning provider of trading and risk management software, today unveiled its ‘Art of Smart’ campaign, featuring algorithmic art created using data from important events in the trading industry and various components of Rival’s enterprise risk platform.

The campaign launched with four original works – Volmageddon, The Rise of Bitcoin, Yield Curve Simulation and Covariance Matrix.

“Each piece of art provides a unique perspective on important events and concepts in the trading industry while illustrating our enterprise risk capabilities,” said Robert D’Arco, CEO of Rival Systems.  “For example, Volmageddon evokes a sense of speed and unpredictability, acting as a visual reminder of how quickly the market can turn and the importance of the real-time risk metrics available in our platform.”

Each work of art in the campaign was created with the help of an algorithmic artist by combining each data set with a unique algorithm.

“The actual pixels which appear in each piece are the results of running the starting dataset through different geometric calculations,” said D’Arco.  “The resulting data is then taken and run through a series of functions that ‘paint’ the image. The results appear over and over on the same image producing the effect of layers building on top of each other.”

D’Arco said the goal of the campaign is to provide a new lens for the industry to view data and encourage people to see the beauty in the complexity of the market.

“In the trading industry, it’s easy to get bogged down analyzing the vast amount of data.  Sometimes the smartest ideas come when you look at things from a different perspective.”

Visit the gallery and learn more about ‘The Art of Smart’ here.


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