Enterprise Risk Management Platform Offers Firms Centralized View into Performance, Risk Exposure Across Asset Classes and Profit Centers

CHICAGO, November 4, 2015 – Chicago-based Rival Systems (Rival), a trading software company established earlier this year, announced today the official launch of its enterprise-wide risk management platform, Rival Risk.  Designed for monitoring risk and managing exposure in real time across multiple profit centers and the full spectrum of asset classes, the tool is now widely available to brokerage and clearing firms, hedge funds, commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and proprietary trading firms.

The introduction of Rival Risk follows the broad September launch of the firm’s Rival Trader derivatives trading front-end and Rival API platforms.

Rival Risk enables users to manage risk in one place across their firm’s exposure in futures, options on futures, equities, equity options, and cash treasury and foreign exchange markets. It offers a centralized view into the overall performance of the business across profit centers and individual trading strategies.  Users can view their risk as well as profit and loss in real time, with the ability to create custom price and volatility market scenarios for a thorough analysis of exposure based on changing market conditions.

The platform is the first on the market to enable proprietary trading firms to incorporate into the market scenarios their traders’ equity and split percentages, offering greater insight into capital usage and the firm’s profit and loss for each group. Clients can also run options expiration reports to determine their risk exposure post-expiration across different market scenarios.

Rival Risk runs on HTML5 for maximum flexibility, allowing users to log into Rival’s secure network to access the hosted platform from any Internet-enabled device. Customers can also host the system in their own environment if preferred.

Rival CEO Robert D’Arco said: “We designed Rival Risk as an intuitive tool that allows clients to see everything in one place and quickly filter through large data sets to analyze their risk at any given time.  They can see all of the relevant activity across the entire firm and individual profit centers and then drill down to a specific strategy, sets of products or individual instruments. If there is a market event and a firm wants to know its exposure across a particular array of products, the answer is available instantaneously.”

While Rival Risk is fully integrated with Rival Trader, the platform supports “drop copies” from clearing firms so clients can manage risk across all of their front-end systems.

About Rival

Launched in 2015, Chicago-based Rival Systems (www.rivalsystems.com) empowers professional traders with the technology and resources required to compete in today’s markets. Rival provides a comprehensive technology solution, including: Rival Trader, a sophisticated derivatives trading system; Rival API, an algorithmic strategy development framework; Rival Risk, an enterprise risk management tool; and extensive support, training and service.  Rival Systems is positioned to become the preeminent provider of a comprehensive technology solution for the trading industry.