Rival Systems, LLC (“Rival”) is a newly formed trading software company focused on empowering professional traders with the technology and resources required to compete in today’s markets. Rival will officially launch its low-latency derivatives trading and risk management platform later this year.

Robert D’Arco, the CEO of Rival, and Rival’s development team have worked in tandem with traders and risk managers for over ten years to build and support proprietary trading systems.

The team has leveraged its expertise and experience to build a trading platform with the speed, out-of-the-box functionality, and analytics required to trade any derivative.

D’Arco said, “To successfully trade in today’s markets you need a partner who can effectively bridge the gap between business and technology. Our platform enables professional traders to participate in opportunities that are otherwise beyond their reach, while our team also provides the one-on-one training, education and support necessary for traders to fully maximize our technology.”

Multiple trading groups have already migrated onto the Rival platform. Rival’s official product launch is scheduled for Q3 2015.

About Rival

Rival Systems, LLC (www.rivalsystems.com) empowers professional traders with the technology and resources required to compete in today’s markets. Rival provides a comprehensive technology solution including: Rival Trader, a sophisticated derivatives trading system; Rival Risk, an enterprise risk management tool; Rival API, an algo strategy development framework, and the support and education required to efficiently utilize the platform. Rival Systems is positioned to become the preeminent provider of a comprehensive technology solution for the trading industry.