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We’ve worked directly with traders and risk managers to build an award-winning front end trading platform that is fast and loaded with all of the advanced features and analytics you need to compete in today’s market.

Rival Trader includes:


Our C++ trading engine is the fastest available in the market, and we’ll prove it. With performance reports showing the actual tick to trade latencies and hit ratios, you’ll finally have transparency into the performance of your trading system.

Options Pricing

Leverage a wide range of options pricing, volatility models and customizable skew methods to effectively trade any type of derivative. Select from one of our multiple paths to automatically update vols as the underlying price changes. Turn on the auto-fitter to automatically fit your curves to real-time implied vols.

Electronic Price Sheets

Highly customizable price sheets allow you to quickly submit electronic orders, price up and monitor complex spreads, submit RFQs, view markets, and set up notifications to identify trading opportunities based on size and edge.

Auto-Quoter and Electronic Eye

Our low latency quoting engine and electronic eye allow you to quote with confidence during fast markets and automatically trade with resting orders. Setting up your quote and eye markets is easy with our dynamic edge formulas and advanced quoting logic. Join the market and automatically increase your size based on edge.

Risk Management

With real-time and scenario risk views, you can monitor risk and PNL across multiple strategies, accounts and individual traders within your group. Run expiration simulation reports to see what the risk of your portfolio will be after expiration. Easily set up pre-trade risk limits based on contract size and notional value across all strategies. To monitor your trades across all groups, add our enterprise risk management solution, Rival Risk.

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