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Rival Risk, our award-winning enterprise risk management platform, provides proprietary trading firms, hedge funds and FCMs a centralized view into the overall performance of your business across all of the individual trading groups and products traded. It fully integrates with Rival Trader so you can use the trading groups’ theoretical prices or set your own. Rival Risk supports futures, equities, options, cash treasuries and cash FX products. Rival Risk runs on HTML5 for maximum flexibility, allowing users to log into our secure network to access the hosted platform from any internet-enabled device. 

Real Time Risk

View your options risk, theoretical PNL and mark to market PNL for the entire firm and individual trading groups in real time. Quickly drill down to view risk for each trading group within the firm all the way down to the individual contract. Use the advanced filter to quickly see which trading groups or strategies have positions in a particular product or sector. Set up alerts to highlight products that have upcoming dividend payments or earnings announcements.

Price and Volatility Scenarios

Create custom price and vol scenarios to analyze your overall exposure to different market conditions. Create custom filters to quickly see which groups violate pre-set risk limits. Incorporate traders’ equity and split percentage into the scenarios to gain greater insight into the capital usage and firm PNL for each group. Run expiration reports to simulate your post-expiration risk across your market scenarios.

Centralized Trade and Position Server

The centralized trade and position server, combined with drop copies from FCMs, allows you to pull in all of your trades even if you haven’t migrated your trading strategies over to the Rival platform just yet.

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