RIVAL API - Automated Trading Strategies


Rival API provides developers with an ultra-low latency C++ development platform with in-process market data feed handlers and execution gateways for optimal performance. We’ve figured out the hard part so you can quickly build and deploy your automated trading strategies across multiple exchanges.


  • Out-of-the-box methods to help you load instruments, subscribe to market data, manage orders, manage trades, conflate data, and modify parameters during run time
  • Normalized data format to easily deploy your strategy across multiple exchanges
  • Pin and spin threads to specific cores for optimal performance
  • Enable straight through processing to streamline calculations and execution
  • Ability to capture the tick to trade latency of every order
  • Replay historical market data and connect to our exchange simulator to backtest strategies


  • Automatic integration with Rival Trader so you don't have to spend time building GUIs to view your orders, trades, positions, risk and PNL
  • Easily subscribe to options theos and greeks generated by Rival Trader
  • Share trades and positions across strategies with our back office server

Risk Management & Compliance

  • Set pre-trade risk limits for any strategy based on contract size and notional value
  • Centralized kill switch allows risk managers to easily disable any strategy
  • Run canned scripts to automatically generate audit logs
  • Use Rival Risk to view the risk and PNL for strategies across multiple trading groups

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